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Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences KUMS was inaugurated as the Nursing High School in 1968, and became the medical college in 1975. After the Islamic Revolution, it was further developed into the Medical University in 1985. The University has 492 academic staff and 5138 students studying at all levels of medical fields at its faculties, and doing their practical training and placement in Teaching Hospitals, and prepare them for the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s job market. The university regulates and coordinates the activities of medical education, training and research in healthcare profession throughout Kermanshah Province. In addition to teaching and treatment, it has also been dealing with such areas as research and innovations in order to improve allied health sciences. Among the countless research activities, the university mainly focuses on higher research programs in Basic Medical Sciences, Allied Health Sciences and Nursing. The university also serves the recent scientific and technological leap in the country and promotes the About KUMS Kermanshah University of  public health by means of scientific strategies and measures. This university has eight vice-chancellors, eight faculties, and seventeen hospitals. Eight of these Hospitals are in Kermanshah city, and the others are located in its towns as follows: Islam Abad, Paveh, Javanroud, Sarpole’ Zohab, Sonqor, Sahneh, Qasre-Shirin, Kangavar, Gilan Qarb and Harsin. Based on the vote of 222th meeting of the Development Council of Universities of Medical Sciences on March 18, 2013, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences was promoted to type I university. It was also recognized as the national pole of community-oriented medicine at the same year. Moreover, the educational management of KUMS ranked first in the latest educational ranking of universities (RAD plan). Furthermore, in the overall educational ranking of universities in 2011, KUMS ranked first among the universities in the west of Iran. Accordingly, it ranked sixth in the domain of qualitative development of education among universities in Iran. KUMS academic staff are engaged with teaching and research to push the boundaries of human knowledge. KUMS greets people from all over the world, providing historical and general information about compus to visitors, and the public.




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