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KUMS aims at encouraging research and training scholars who excel in their field of study and promote the sciences they pursue and communities they interact in. It is also committed to bringing a qualitative and quantitative revolution in medical education by providing an environment geared towards promoting research and academic culture in order to improve the existing healthcare system.

We are committed to providing transformational experiences for students and faculty members in an inclusive and collaborative environment where creative scholars generate bold ideas, innovate in the face of complex challenges, and distinguish themselves as active citizens of the world. It combines the academic excellence of a major research university with the practical experiences of an institution whose history, location, and diversity make it a microcosm of the world where students will enter when they graduate.


  • Anticipate, understand, and prepare for the future of higher education.
  • Promote students' success.  
  • Strengthen the research enterprises.
  • Develop a sustainable revenue model to allow a constant growth and improvement.
  • Improve community's involvement.


Our vision is to represent a model public research university and train creative scholars across a broad range of schools that have a profound impact on one another, and subsequently the world. To fulfil this aim, KUMS is to accomplish the following goals to benefit the students, society, country and ultimately the world:

  • Acquiring the required capabilities in rendering higher educational services to promote academic status regionally as well as internationally.
  • Having an active role in documenting our achievements and production of science, research, and publishing scientific articles in the international journals.
  • Improving the health status of individuals in the society by meeting their health needs and obtaining the required technology for producing strategic medical supplies, and enhancing the quality and the diversity of the sub-specialized health care services.



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