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Admission & Registration Guidelines for International Students


In order to complete your application and registration procedures, please follow a few steps enumerated below:

  1. Please fill out the Online Application Form.

Please note: submitting the following documents are compulsory for your registration:

  • The English transcript of your previous degree certification/license certified by Islamic Republic of Embassy/Consulate;
  • A passport size photo;
  • A high quality scan of the main pages of your passport;
  • Supplementary Information Form to apply for Student Visa.
  1. Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed and sent to the relevant Faculty for their decision by the office of Global Strategies and International and Affairs (GSIA).
  2. If you receive an admission offer, the Admission Confirmation Letter will be issued under supervision of the Head of GSIA.
  3. In order to obtain student visa by GSIA, submission of the applicant's documents at is deemed essential.
  4. Upon your request, the student visa will be issued in the Islamic Republic of Embassy/Consulate in your own country.

Please note: the process of getting student visa lasts a minimum of 4 to 8 weeks.

  1. A one-year residence permit will be issued by Foreign Students Affairs Organization (SAORG).
  2. You are required to complete the registration procedure at the Vice Chancellor for Education and relevant Faculty, respectively. Simultaneously, the applicant should hand in the original English transcript of previous degree certification/license certified by Islamic Republic of Embassy/Consulate and passport-size photo (12 pcs) to GSIA office and pay the tuition fee to finalize the registration and receive the student ID card from the Vice Chancellor for Education.


Registration Date: 5 January, 2019

Start Date: Mid-January, 2019







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