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The Procedure of Accreditation


As the following depicts, to be imparted an accreditation certificate, a three-step set of activities vis-à-vis emerging international quality practices and assessment in higher education is elaborated by SUMS.







Activity 1




As an internationally accepted methodology, the process of self-assessment is conducted by the faculty, administrators, and staff of the institution considering the accrediting organizations’ set of expectations about quality (standards, criteria).  The Network utilizes the most recent and standard approach grounded in international accreditation guidelines.



Activity 2


Peer Assessment


The delegation, missioned to the Institute by the accrediting organization, prepares its report based on surveying the evidence, visiting the campus and the University premises, and meeting with the faculty as well as staff and students; besides, an observing of the classrooms or the University’s pedagogical approach is led to fulfill its thorough assessment.  The delegation, also, incorporates in its report of assessment a recommendation to the commission of the accrediting organization (a group of peer faculty and staff, professionals, and public members).



Activity 3


Accreditation Decision


The ad hoc commission reviews the evidence and recommendation taking a set of expectations about quality and integrity into account. Finally, at the discretion of the commission concern, a judgment is issued and the institution will be officially informed of the decision.


To see more information on SUMS’ Accreditation please check the links below:

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