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About School

School of Nursing and Midwifery in Kashan has been established in 1986 as the first school in Kashan University of Medical Sciences. We have 30 years history of education and research in the fields of Nursing and Midwifery. With more than 2000 graduates, we are playing a leading role in the education of tomorrow's nurses and midwives in the area.

Our students receive wide range of practical experiences, from nursing skill laboratory to hospital wards. Faculty members are leaders in nursing research and for the time being two full time professors are working in this school.


Degrees and Majors

School of Nursing and Midwifery in Kashan University of Medical Sciences offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs. 

The school of nursing and midwifery offer 3 Bachelor programs:

  • Bachelor of science in Nursing: This four year program provides wide range of theoretical, practical and clinical knowledge and skills for the students. In the last year of the education the students are solely in hospitals and health centers.


  • Bachelor of science in Midwifery: Our graduates in midwifery are one of the best in the country. In this four years education program, students prepare to provide professional care for pregnant women and the infants. All the caring aspects of delivery are covered in the curriculum. The graduates can work in delivery and women's services. Students should be a responsible agent of delivery for 80 women before graduation.


  • Bachelor of Science in Surgical Technology: In Iran surgical technology is an independent major and students pass a 4 years program in theoretical courses such as physique, anatomy, microbiology, surgical diseases and surgical technologies. The theoretical courses are followed by practical and clinical courses. In the last year of the education students are solely in operating departments and can provide preoperative care in general and specific surgeries. 

Besides the school of nursing and midwifery provide 4 master of sciences degrees. The Master degrees are:

  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Intensive Care Nursing
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing

Since 2014 we have been qualified to accept students in PhD degree in nursing science, and also medical emergency in technician degree.


Current situation

The School of Nursing is situated in the Kashan University of Medical Sciences compound , a 5000 square meter building in 3 floor that gives students a place for interaction, and team work. Programs in the School of Nursing are approved by the Nursing Education Program Approval Board in Ministry of Health.


Class Sizes

Class sizes vary depending on the educational program in.  In general, our class sizes are approximately as follows:

  • 3 Lectures: 100-200 students

  • 5 Lectors: 50-70students

  • 3Seminars: 16-64 students

  • Clinical Experiences: 7-10 students

  • Skill Laboratory: 16 students

At present 32 full-time academic staff are working in our school. We also benefit from wide range of temporary academics that are invited according to their specialties and experiences to provide education for the students. 20 staffs provide clerk services for the school. 2 students in PhD degree, 72 students in Master degrees and 550 students in bachelor degrees are currently studying in our school. In average every year 120 students are graduating from our school. Our graduates are very successful in finding job and the name of school of nursing and midwifery in Kashan University of Medical Sciences guarantees their abilities and professional competencies.  


Other activities

The school of nursing and midwifery is publishing the scientific journal of Nursing and Midwifery Studies since 2012. English is the official language of our journal. This quarterly journal tries to publish scientific topics in nursing and midwifery specially the original works of the scholars in the region and the world.  Our journal is indexed in Web of science Core Collections, pubmed, Index Copernicus, CINHAL, COPE, ISC, and  IranMedex.

The trauma nursing research center has been established in 2012 and tries to provide a ground for researches in different aspects of trauma, from prevention to rehabilitation. 

The school is holding a national Congress every 5 years. Two national congresses of Gerontology Nursing (2007) and Holistic Nursing (2012) have been held successfully by this school.



  • Computer room for undergraduate students

  • Computer room for postgraduate students

  • 4 Conference Room

  • Library

  • Theater Room

  • Skill Laboratory

  • Different clinical wards in 4 educational hospitals


Educational Departments

There are four educational Departments in our School:

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