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Basic Sciences Departments



The division of basic sciences provides students with the strong scientific foundation required in numerous disciplines including anatomy, physiology, clinical psychology, microbiology and immunology, parasitology and mycology, pathology and histology, clinical biochemistry, nutrition, pharmacology, community medicine, medical ethics, applied cell sciences, Islamic courses, addiction studies and English language which are all involved in training students. Each department’s curriculum is designed to meet the specific competencies required for the program. Our faculty members are dedicated to train students the basic science facts and concepts by more integrated ways, discipline-based lecture, and laboratory activities which are necessary for the practice of medicine and would enable students to recall, integrate and utilize their basic science knowledge in clinical situations.



Anatomy Clinical Psychology Microbiology & Immunology
Clinical Biochemistry  Parasitology & Mycology Pathology & Histology 
Islamic Courses Applied Cell Sciences Medical Ethics
Addiction Studies Community Medicine Pharmacology
Physiology Nutrition  English Language


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