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Anesthesiology department is one of the educational departments of the school of allied medical sciences of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, which started its activity in 1992 with the admission of undergraduate anesthesia students. Since 2008, with the conversion of associate degree to a bachelor's degree, students' admission continued at this academic degree. The purpose of admitting anesthesia students is to train effective anesthetists in the field of anesthesia to be able to take care of patients under general and regional anesthesia during the perioperative period and be able to play a role in the anesthesia under the supervision of anesthesiologists.


In addition, they can provide services to the community in the acute and chronic pain control units, medical emergencies, and critical situations. The expression of research ideas and research participation in the production of science and solving current problems is another goal of educating these students. The anesthesia department currently has 3 full time faculty members, 8 associate anesthesiologists, and an educational secretary.


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