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The Department of Occupational Health and Safety Engineering is one of the departments in the faculty of health. The Department started its activity in 1996 with the admission of Associate Degree students. With the increasing needs of a developing society and increase in the number and diversity of environmental pollutions and pollutants dispersed by occupational and industrial environments, this department has become increasingly more active.



The group tries to predict the needs and take steps to achieve it. The members of the group, in an intimate atmosphere with proper planning, will continuously improve the quality of their science and services and consider  to be responsible to the university's people and authorities The aim of the department is to train graduates who have obtained educational and research capabilities at the national and local milieu, and are able to predict, identify, assess and control the risk factors of the work environment, and implement the latest techniques of management in order to increase the physical, psychological and social health of the workforce to the highest possible degree. These graduates will be able to think of solutions which can prevent work-related injuries as well as employing employees in jobs that are proportional to their physical and mental capabilities and, consequently, improve their productivity and effectiveness.



Quantitative and qualitative development of higher education courses, programs by using domestic and foreign capabilities along with active participation in compiling and publishing occupational health national standards, establishing research centers and reforming the national occupational health structure


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