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About us

Midwifery department is responsible for teaching and training students in women's health, reproductive care, delivery care and family planning. Different theoretical, practical and clinical courses are presented by the members of this department in bachelor degrees. 

In Bachelor degree, the following courses are managed by the members of midwifery  department:

  • Pregnancy and delivery
  • Infants Care
  • Normal Delivery
  • Women and children health
  • Sexual disorders

Vision, Mission and Goals

The mission of this department is to train and educate the dedicated and knowledgeable human resources in midwifery that can provide services in different levels from prevention to rehabilitation; and can act effectively independently or as a member of health team. We try to train students that can play the following roles:

  • Increasing the quality of reproductive, women and family health
  • Decreasing the complications and problems related to pregnancy and delivery
  • Enhancing the quality of normal delivery

Areas of Research

The academic members and the students are active in designing and performing researches in following areas:

  • Physiologic Delivery
  • Women's Health
  • Domestic violence
  • Complementary Medicine in Midwifery
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